Low carbohydrate-high protein diets

Some of the most prominent weight control plans today are low in carbohydrates. There are different ways of dealing with the reason they say it works, from the possibility of increasing the weight of calories from starch above the calories of protein and fat to the possibility that eating fewer carbohydrates increases weight loss. The way it imbalances your diet The keto diet will lead to an expansion of your digestion.

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Your body does not need to bother with sugars as fuel, it can only support proteins and fats if it is vital, but your brain can not, your mind needs starches, you don ‘ Do not have the opportunity to use protein or body fat, which is enough Explanation behind Many people staying away from low carbs consume fewer calories.

Low calories in sugar also increase ketosis, when weight is reduced, fats and proteins are used by the body to generate vitality, when the body lacks starches, it cannot properly separate fat into fat unsaturated as a product of ketone. The bodies, causing ketosis. Ketosis seems terrible, but it is not, in any case, one of the symptoms of ketosis can be terrible breath, triggered by ketone bodies (one of the bodies of ketosis) that cancel each other out your breath.

As I mentioned before, one of the benefits claimed by advertisers who are interested in a minimal weight loss in carbohydrates is that the imbalance of your diet will dilate your digestion. This is basically not valid. Apart from transient drug eruptions, exercise is the best way to increase digestion.

The American Heart Association has the generosity of setting low-calorie carbohydrates, including the Atkins, Zone, Sugar Buster, and Stillman diet. Robert H. Eckel, MD, a board member of the Nutrition Committee of the American Heart Association, said, “They expose people to coronary heart disease and we are really worried about it”. “These weight control plans will raise cholesterol … terrible and will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks.”

Judith Stern, professor of nutrition and internal medication at the University of California at Davis, said of the subject: “You need my reaction to Atkins, saying that your eating routine can lower your cholesterol and bring you many benefits Heart Do you know what my reaction is? Bull!

In truth, LDL cholesterol (the most terrible type) generally decreases as individuals get into shape after a reduced carbohydrate weight loss. In any case, this is due to the weight reduction itself, NOT to the road traveled. it was lost. In addition, it appeared that if individuals continued to eat as carriers after losing weight, “the LDL of many individuals increases the likelihood that they will continue to diet plan …,” said Eckel.

In addition, the board of the American Heart Association issued a scientific warning people with high protein to eat less, said:

  • Such diets may result in a transient reduction in weight due to lack of hydration.
  • The weight curse can also occur due to caloric limitation due to the way weight control plans can be generally unpleasant.
  • These foods are less often fed through invigorating nutrients that provide basic supplements.
  • People who follow these weight control plans have a potential risk of changes in cardiac, renal, bone and liver norms.
  • Any improvement in blood cholesterol and plaque-induced insulin is due to weight loss and not to adjustment in their livelihoods.
  • A diet rich in protein is particularly dangerous for diabetic patients because it can accelerate the movement of diabetic kidney disease.

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